Kibloc multidirectional stairs –the best way to obtain success in your work.

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For civil construction works, it is always necessary to play close attention to the different structures present in the market and make sure to choose a material that ensures safety and efficiency for the workers. In this post, we will show the main characteristics of the modular fitting ladder (multidirectional access).

First, a modular fitting ladder allows the vertical access of a large number of people, in the most varied types of structures and in all heights, fitting in different works. Its practicality is confirmed by two additional benefits: a quick assembly and the safety provided to its users. The agility in assembly is thanks to the material the ladder is manufactured with: galvanized tubular frame material in the multidirectional system. This way, the ladder can resist weather conditions and reduces the work necessary to labor assemble and dismantle it.

Another important factor that must be observed is the regulation imposed by the Regulatory Standard (“NR”) 18. Characteristics such as the capacity for horizontal and vertical movement without needing to dismantle the ladder are essential to ensure safety, durability, mobility, and, consequently, success in the utilization of the ladder in any application. it is necessary to also carry out the analysis of the internal regulations in the location of application of the ladder so they can be added to the standards already imposed. It is also important to pay special attention to the height of the mirror in the ladder (floor in the horizontal plane and the mirror in the vertical plane), since it can compromise the work due to the larger effort need for overcome large mirrors. This simple detail can reduce productivity throughout the working time which puts a burden on the final work.

In order to obtain good results, seek companies with experience in the market, with the Know-how and the technical commercial team, project team, and work team for assistance and follow-up in the best access solution for your work.